The debt: Yamashita's gold by Phillip Gwynne

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Allen & Unwin, 2013. ISBN 9781742378619.
(Age: 13-18) Highly recommended. 'The Debt was the worst thing to have come into my life. It had almost killed me about a dozen times in a dozen different ways. But here I was wanting, willing, it to contact me. To give me the next instalment.'
Dominic receives a mysterious note in Latin. He then goes on a difficult and a quest of intelligence just trying to find who sent the note. He then goes on to find the treasure and the have someone take it from him. But the question is who does that person turn out to be?
This book had me from the start. All the way from when he was yelling at his treadmill to finding the gold and even to the end when a shocking secret is revealed. I really like books and believe me I've read some bad books but The debt, Yamashita's gold is not boring. It is thrilling, breath taking, jaw dropping and in some ways motivating.
I have not read the previous books but I already want all of them. This book made several references to the previous books so I could already guess the plot of them that doesn't stop me from wanting to read them though!
In my opinion Phillip Gwynne has done an extremely outstanding job in this book and I am sure in the previous and future books as well. I rate the book 9/10 and I recommend it to 13-18 year olds.
Reece Barnett (Student)