Lost series by Tracey Turner

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A & C Black, 2014.
Lost in the Desert of Dread. ISBN: 9781472907493.
Lost in the Jungle of Doom. ISBN: 9781408194652.
(Age 10+) Themes: Survival, Deserts, Rainforests. The Lost Series by Tracy Turner focuses on survival in four of the most difficult environments in the world. Similar in style to the Choose Your Own Adventure series, the reader is given vital clues to help them navigate the dangers and then after reading the scenario choices a choice is made.
In The Desert of Dread careful choices need to be made to survive the extremes of temperature, scorpions, hungry animals and dehydration. Factual pages help the reader understand why their choices lead to their demise. Topics covered include scorpions, Spotted Hyenas, salt deficiency, using your watch as a compass, sandstorms and sand cats.
The Jungle of Doom explores the frightening dangers of crash landing in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. Careful reading of the survival tips is needed before the reader starts their journey. The need for water, fire and shelter is vital. Dealing with the predators, vampire bats, jaguars, electric eels and snakes is just part of the journey. With so many dead ends the reader can start again to plot their jungle escape.
These books are factual fiction and more suited to readers from ten and up as they deal with survival and death in harsh environments.
Rhyllis Bignell