How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You by Tara Eglington

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HarperCollins, 2013. ISBN 9780732295189.
(Age: 13+) How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You by Tara Eglington is a fantastically relatable novel that deals with issues such as cyber bullying, heartbreak, insecurity, romance and friendship. The way Tara Eglington writes this inspirational and striking sequel to How to keep a boy from kissing you helps the reader become engrossed in this misshapen fairy tale of a love story and keeps the reader thoroughly interested from start to finish. This novel is suited very well to both younger and older teenage girls who like to read about romance and friendship.
Aurora is a teenage girl who has finally, after testing trials, found her perfect fairytale prince and is working to make her dream relationship become a reality. After a handful of unfortunate occurrences - some that leave her dream boy Hayden in the emergency department - Aurora's dating confidence deflates considerably. Amid this sea of misfortune and uncertainty Aurora's good friend Jelena has started campaigning to become student school captain and plans to include Aurora's Find a Prince/Princess Program as one of her feature campaign points. And, with her alternative dad trying to find love for himself, Aurora tries to find some balance in the her suddenly chaotic life, the fates decide to test her willpower as she keeps calm and fights her way through with warrior princess strength.
Sarah Filkin (Student)