The Jeweller of Rassylon by Peter Cooper

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Tales of the Blue Jade series, bk 3. Omnibus Books, 2013. ISBN 9781862919440.
(Age: 10+) Recommended. Dillen, along with his trustworthy companions, Koto and Tajni, are on a quest to capture the brilliant blue jade. To obtain the fantastic jewel, they must seek the advice of a demon that lives in the mountains, and that is if they are even able to see him in the first place.
But they are not alone, as there are many others who are desperately hunting for the jewel. And as their quest continues, one question remains: will they even be able to reach it alive?
Having read the second novel in the Tales of The Blue Jade series (The Mapmaker's Apprentice), I can reliably inform you that The Jeweller of Rassylon is more of the same, and that that is not a problem in the slightest:
Cooper simply gives us more of the fun, fantasy adventure style that was so enjoyable in his last book.
Fantasy action/adventure novels like The Jeweller of Rassylon are common for this age range (upper primary students), and as far as the plot goes, there's nothing particularly new or unique there. But the strength of this novel relies on its characters, and they are undoubtedly excellent and relatable.
It's also nice to see strong female characters in this novel, as that makes it relatable to a much wider range of younger readers.
The writing style is simple, with little violence or blood, which makes the book both easy to read and fast-paced.
Filled with action, mystery, excitement, adventure, and a healthy dose of magic, The Jeweller of Rassylon is an enjoyable novel that younger readers will likely love and older readers will also enjoy.
I recommend this book.
Rebecca Adams