Skateboard Stars by Felicity Carter

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Ill. by Louis Shea. Double trouble Book 2. Scholastic Australia, 2014. ISBN: 9781742838571.
(Age: 6-7) Themes: Twins, Skateboarding, Television Shows. Felicity Carter's Skateboard Stars series is written for young readers who are just beginning to engage in chapter books. Her characters are relatable and skateboarding is a popular sport. Louis Shea's humorous illustrations add fun to this junior novel.
Tommy and Coop are identical seven-year old twins. They are pranksters who thoroughly enjoy playing tricks on their family, poor Mum's hair turns a brilliant blue after a shower. The twins also love skateboarding and practising tricks at the skate park. When they hear that their favourite skate board star Jed Michaels is coming to town and holding a competition, they can't wait. They need to come up with a sneaky plan to win because only one contestant can be appear on Jed's television show.
Rhyllis Bignell