Collins Read On series by various authors

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The passenger by Dan Tunstall. ISBN 9780007464784.
Point danger by Catherine McPhail. ISBN 9780007464845.
This boy by Pippa Goodhart. ISBN 9780007464708.
The trick by Keith Gary. ISBN 9780007464906.
Here come the girls by Helen Pielichaty. ISBN 9780007464913.
Tunnel of terror by Barry Hutchison. ISBN 9780007464760.
(Age: 11+) Recommended. This series produced for middle school kids looking for a short, easier read is welcome. The 6 books in this series I read are all up to date, show kids in situations not dissimilar to those which affect modern kids, bullying, gangs, school rules etc and are short easy to read format with illustrations, clear larger print, usually of about 40 pages divided into four chapters.
The passenger has a young boy going home on the bus. His town is a half hour's drive away from the city and he is relieved when he finds a seat, but less so when a black boy with cornrow hair and cut eyebrows sits next to him and introduces himself. While sitting in the bus, Matt's mother texts him that a murder has occurred at the station where he got on. As the story develops the reader will read to the end to see what happens. The characters are drawn well in a few short lines and readers will sympathise with both boys.
Point danger by Catherine McPhail has a school trip to an island with a lighthouse which is the centre of some strange stories. McDuff is on his last warning, but his room mates Tom and Alex bully Gary mercilessly, daring him to go to the lighthouse. MacDuff follows with unexpected results.
This boy by Pippa Goodhart has Kerry meeting a boy in their new house.
The trick by Keith Gray has Eric taking the challenge of the magician, Mathew Masters to go into the box on the stage.
Here come the girls by Helen Pielichaty is a fascinating non fiction account of the rise of women playing football. Some 29 million play worldwide in many countries, but the beginnings was fraught with difficulties, not least of which was being banned by FIF in 1921, while Tunnel of terror by Barry Hutchison is a scary ghost train ride that ends in disaster.
Fran Knight