How to build a human body: a mind-bogglingly brilliant body book by Tom Jackson

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Scholastic, 2013. ISBN: 9781407137377.
Highly recommended for readers from 9 - 90. Subjects: Biology, Body Systems, Scientists, Anatomy, Science Experiments. Tom Jackson's conversational style of writing introduces the reader to all the major body organs and systems in a fun and dynamic way. There are simple experiments included to help gain insight into the way our body works, try the tendon test or make an extra stomach.
Each double page spread has a bold bright coloured background with easy to read information, layered text boxes, interpretive diagrams and fun photos. The information is written in a personable style whilst engaging and informing the reader. The titles are catchy - Take a Breath, Pee Procedure, On the Nerves and Invaders Attack are some examples.
The reader can also learn about scientists who had a key role in discovering the functions of these body systems. In 1840 Justus von Liebig a German scientist discovered the importance of nitrogen as a plant nutrient.
As the reader explores this book they can absorb information on the anatomy and biology of the human body in a fun and fascinating way. The glossary is transformed into Cool Words and there are additional websites and books included in the Find Out More section.
Tom Jackson is an experienced scientific writer who has written more than eighty books and once again he excels in bringing How to build a human body: a mind-bogglingly brilliant body book to life.
This book is highly recommended for readers from 9 - 90, there's something here for everyone. This is an excellent teaching tool for Science and Health and Personal Development.
Rhyllis Bignell