Horizon by Alyson Noel

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Soul seekers series, bk 4. Macmillan, 2013. ISBN 9781447206842.
(Age: Older teens) Horizon by Alyson Noel is an adrenaline pumped book about a girl named Daire Santos. Daire isn't your average teen, she is the last in a long line of seekers, a person tasked with keeping the different worlds at peace. This job is made all the more difficult when the evil Richter family are dead set on ending the world as well as when Dace's - Daire's fated partner as well as a Richter twin - soul is tainted with a bit of his brother's darkness. This brings him closer and closer to his demonic side and his demon filled family that he has hated for a long time. Surrounded by her friends and family, Daire Santos fights to save her one true love, her home and the worlds she is in charge of from the Richters.
Horizon, much like the previous books in the series, is a fantastic, breathtaking, action-packed novel that makes you think of thousands of questions that you want to find the answer to. This book and its inspiring writing style keeps you stuck to the pages and wanting to know more as the story blooms around the main characters. Due to violent, romantic and emotionally traumatic themes, I think this book is better suited to older teens because they might have a better grasp on the mindset of the characters. An interesting writing style that is unique and leaves you wanting more, Horizon is a must have on your mystery and action bookshelf.
Sarah Filkin (Student)