Clumsy Duck by Britta Teckentrup

cover image

Koala Books, Australia: 2013. ISBN 9781742760353.
Preschool Picture book. Clumsy Duck is always tripping over and is very frustrated when friendly Chick comes along and invites Duck for a walk. Chick decides there is a reason Duck has oversized feet and after some experimentation and a tumble in the pond they discover what it is.
This is a gentle story of friendship and discovery, celebrating difference as the duck and chick try a variety of activities that chick is good at but which duck tries and fails. Duck is persistent as she has a go at everything despite the obvious limitations of her feet.
The illustrations are bright and colourful as the birds move through a stylised flower strewn landscape which also features a frog, snail and various insects to add interest. The eyes of both birds give an impression of sadness and happiness simply with the placement of the black dot within a white circle.
The oversized format is great for sharing by little people on the floor but could be problematic for little hands and laps.
Sue Keane