Thankless in death by J.D. Robb

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In death series. Piatkus, 2013. ISBN 9780749959371.
(Age: 15-Adult) Crime. Jerry Reinhold's parents tried to get him to take responsibility for his life and get a job. His girlfriend kicked him out because he became violent. But Jerry believes that life owes him everything and goes on a killing spree beginning with his parents. Eve has been given his case and together with her team she and Roarke are in a race against time to get to Jerry's next victim before he does.
This follows a different format to what is usual for the best-selling In Death books as the reader knows who the killer is and what he is planning to do next. This gives a different feel to the book, especially as Jerry Reinhold is a very chilling, creepy villain who has no conscience and no qualms about who he kills. Robb's description of a sociopath who believes that he deserves everything without having to work for it and who has grievances against teachers, workmates, girlfriends, family and friends, is quite terrifying.
Eve's relationships grow in this book. Peabody is a great colleague and Roarke's large Irish family appear for Thanksgiving, giving Eve a taste of family life and ties and helping her to forget her dark childhood. Her love for Roarke and his love for her are integral to the plot and as pleasing as ever.
Fans of this series will find Thankless in death dark, but as engrossing as others in the series.
Pat Pledger