Without Me? by Kayleen West

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Wombat Books, 2013. ISBN 9781921632532.
(Age: 5+) Recommended. Without Me is a lovely story of a young child who decides to run away from home. As she leaves the house, she thinks about her dog and cat and who will look after them. Then she thinks about her sister and her brother and her Mum and Dad. The child decides to take everyone with her and then thinks about all the things they will need. The child decides it would be much easier to stay home where she is loved.
This is a gorgeous story of being thankful for what you have and the colourful illustrations bring it to life. It is recommended for children aged 5+ who can read it with an adult and for independent readers aged 7+. It would be a great story to use in the classroom with the Child Protection Curriculum as teachers could discuss the mixed feelings the child is having as well as safe behaviours.
Kylie Kempster