She'll be coming round the mountain sung by The Topp Twins

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Ill. by Jenny Cooper. Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781775431725.
(Age: 4+) Picture book, Singing, Verse. The well known song, She'll be coming round the mountain is reprised here for younger students to sing along with the CD provided or read the story and the words as a picture book, or enjoy the funny illustrations.
This is another in the productions offered by Scholastic, which showcase an old song, revamped and recorded by local talent, and illustrated by known and loved illustrators. The series includes My Daddy ate an apple, Do your ears hang low? and There's a hole in the bucket. Each book includes a CD for the reader and class to enjoy, sing along to, develop actions to as they use the book. The books lend themselves to a variety of uses, particularly in the classroom, where music, poetry and singing along are valued.
Jenny Cooper gives this version of She'll be coming round the mountain, a Western feel as the animals all join up in line dancing mode as their numbers swell with the arrival of yet more things coming around the mountain, until the last few pages are full of fun bordering on pandemonium. Kids will love picking out the different animals with their musical instruments and clothing suited to the occasion, and I can well imagine a class yelling out the refrain, 'Singing ay-aye, yippy', till the cows come home.
Fran Knight