The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

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Hot Key Books, 2013.ISBN 9781471402272.
The Isobel Journal is a breathtakingly beautiful and artistic book that would be slightly shamed if it was referred to as a simple picture book. This book contains drawings, sketches, photos, paintings, diagrams, notes and so many more different types of media and material. This really makes the book feel like the journal of an older teen/young adult. Accompanying these stimulating illustrations are the words of Isobel as she rolls through what seems to be almost an inner monologue that gives the book a somewhat story-like vibe and conveys character as well as conveying the personality of Isobel herself. She also tells about some of her hopes and dreams, things she wants to do and things she doesn't. Questions she asks herself are a prominent feature as well as trails of thoughts that end up getting you thinking too.
There is something about this journal that is inspiring and makes you feel like you want to draw, take some photos, maybe do some creative writing, and even go for a walk. This is perfect to curl up with on a cold and blustery day or even just to have a flip through when in need of motivation or inspiration. It serves well if you like to read lightly too or don't have that much time to sit down for hours and get stuck into a book. This book is completely unique and exciting, I've never read anything like this before and I absolutely adore it.
Sarah Filkin (Student)