Monster School by D.C. Green

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Ford Street, 2013. ISBN 9781925000078.
(Age: 8-11) 'Is this how all monsters react to humans? Thomas seemed terrified by this thought; what would they think when they found out?'
This book is about many things but what shines through the most is that 95% of the monsters population hate ALL humans. For Thomas Regus this is all about to change. A prince, soon to be king, is living with his bodyguard Erica who surprisingly, is an ogre. Wishing to be 'normal' he dresses as a swamp boy.
It has a number of unseen twists and an enjoyably surprising ending. The author D.C. Green has included a small amount of detail for the quirky characters in this book though I do think it was quite easy to understand them. They are quite believable.
Ian Irvine calls this book 'A wild, wise-cracking ride.' I agree. When reading this book I kept telling myself, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. Although the cover of this book may be child-like the book itself is a fairly mature fantasy adventure story. I enjoyed it.
It is designed for young people from 8-11 years of age.
Tayla M. (Student)