The Crown by Lynne Stringer

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Verindon 2. Wombat Books, 2013. ISBN 9781921632679.
The Crown, the second book of the Verindon series, picks up five months after Sarah's dramatic arrival on the planet of Verindon. In the opening chapters Stringer brings the reader up to speed, deftly supplying the back story while plunging the reader into Sarah's new reality.
Sarah's coronation is almost upon her and she is struggling with her new life. Between learning a new language, mastering self-defence and fulfilling the formal obligations of her role, including selecting a new consort, it is easy to understand why Sarah is feeling overwhelmed and increasingly alone.
Then on the eve of her eighteenth/twenty-first birthday (you have to read the book), the assassination attempts begin in earnest. These however, do have an up-side. Sarah is finally able to spend time with Keridan, the man she loves, even though their relationship is forbidden and must be conducted in secret.
A tightly woven plot, full of action, intrigue and thwarted love is sure to satisfy the reader. The introduction of Arden, a politically savvy and promising suitor creates even more tension, as does Stringer's hints that Keridan is perhaps not quite what Sarah believes him to be.
Stringer definitely leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the next book and wondering what other surprises she has in mind.
R. Lange