The Octopuppy by Martin McKenna

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Omnibus Books, 2013. ISBN 9781742990156.
This book is highly recommended for all ages. The Octopuppy is a lovely story reminding us all about how important it is to love someone for what or who they are and what they can do. Edgar wants a puppy but received Jarvis the octopus instead. Edgar goes about trying to teach Jarvis how to be a dog but Edgar is too smart. Why play dead when you can dress up like a mummy and scare everyone! Jarvis is just too smart. Edgar enters Jarvis in a dog competition but things don't go well and Jarvis leaves. Edgar comes to realise just how great Jarvis was. 'You don't know what you have got until it is gone' is very true and a great lesson to be learned in this story. How will Edgar prove he is a good friend and get Jarvis back?
This picture book has lovely illustrations that really tell the story. The small amount of text only enhances the illustrations, making this a great book to read to students/children, encourage discussion and show how important illustrations can be.
Kylie Kempster