Redcap's Christmas by Susan Cason

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Omnibus Books, 2013. ISBN 9781742990217.
(Age 10+) Redcap's Christmas is a cute tale about an elf and his dream of working for Santa. Recap travels to the North Pole and by chance (and by using his fixing skills) lands a job in Santa's Workshop. Each chapter is a small adventure on its own, starring Recap and his ability to make sure everything turns out right. When the North Wind blows out the lights, Redcap solves the problem. When it is time to choose a present for Santa, Redcap comes to the rescue. When a troll tries to stop Recap and his friend, Recap solves the problem.
Recap's Christmas is an appealing hardcover story, perfect for adults to read to children and good for independent readers aged 10+. It is a quick moving, easy to follow story and uses some illustrations to tell the story. It is fun to see how Redcap will save the day, proving that working hard is the best way to achieve your goals.
Kylie Kempster