Jodie : this is the book of you by Randa Abdel-Fattah

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Omnibus Books, 2013. ISBN 9781742990101.
(Age 11+) Highly recommended. Jodie: this is the book of you tells the story of a Year 6 student, Jodie, as she comes to terms with divorce and being part of her Dad's new family. Jodie and her friends discover what seems to be a magical book in which cryptic poems appear. Jodie feels connected to the original owner of the book and uses the poems to guide her jumbled life. Jodie tries to break up her Dad's new relationship, feels guilty about feeling happy with her Dad's new family and finally interprets one of the poems in a positive way. This interpretation helps her forge a better relationship with her new stepsister and makes her realise they are more alike than she knew.
Jodie: this is the book of you is an inspiring story of a young girl's refusal to let bullies put her down while tackling topics that are relevant to many children today. It is easy to read and is highly recommended for girls aged 11+.
Kylie Kempster