Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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The Chronicles of Nick, bk 4. Atom, 2013. ISBN 9780749957735.
(Age 13+) Highly recommended. Nick Gautier is turning sixteen - and much of what goes with that normally holds true for Nick, like getting his driver's licence, breaking up with one girl but taking up with another, not to mention troubles at school except . . . Nick's licence is conjured by his Dark-Hunter protector Acheron, the girl, Kody, he broke up with has supernatural Nekoda powers and a mission to kill him (albeit unwillingly) . . . while the new girl pursuing him hotly, Casey, is also not what she seems. In fact, the real Casey has been 'occupied' by a dangerous demon intent on destroying Nick and absorbing his powers.
Those who have followed The Chronicles of Nick from the beginning of the series will understand the danger in which Nick stands at this point of his life. As the Malachai heir, Nick's powers are increasing exponentially, particularly as those of his Malachai father are waning. Nick's only hope to avoid being the most powerful of all evil beings and the destroyer of the entire world is to be resolute in resisting the darkness, while commanding and controlling the elements that beset him.
In this new episode, New Orleans appears even more so to be inhabited by so many different preternatural forces that Nick's chances of surviving seem slimmer than ever - particularly when his enemies summon an ancient force so powerful that even those wielding immense power fear it. With characters from the previous novels, Caleb, Kyrian, Bubba, Simri, Ambrose along with Nick's feisty mother Cherise still expending every possible energy to keep him safe, Nick is faced with new combatants - Hel hounds, Mara, Zavid and more.
Only Nick's strength of character can keep him from the evil dangers surrounding him - that and staying alive.

I will not fail in this.

While he might be a Malachai, he was also a guardian. Somehow, he was going to defy the odds that condemned him. And he would save the lives of those he loved.
Highly recommended for young adult readers 13 and up who enjoy supernatural fiction - and aren't afraid of the dark.
Sue Warren