Kangaroo for Christmas by James Flora

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Hardie Grant Egmont, 2012. ISBN 9781742972770.
Recommended. Quaint and retro by today's colourful illustrations, language and style. Originally written in 1962, a kangaroo called Adelaide would have been an exotic and wonderful Christmas gift from Uncle Dingo in Australia, especially in America. The style is very dated with every second double page in colour and the other black and white. It's a fun story with Adelaide causing utter chaos as she is frightened first by a dog then leaps with Kathryn on her back through the traffic, a home, the grocery store, the bakery until they come to grandma's place. Adelaide steps in grandma's taffy (toffee) lands on her car and that's how they return home. Santa Claus bought boots and birch leaves for Adelaide and a pogo stick for Kathryn so she would never have to ride on Adelaide again. Historically, the story is well written and detailed showing what life, machines and people were like but a child reading the story today may not be interested and find the idea and pictures dated. The end papers and the cover have a good feel to them. It's a story to read aloud for there's much to discuss and ponder. Many boys still love Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel and Make Way for Ducklings so there's a place for these old fashioned styled books especially when read aloud.
Sue Nosworthy