The bouncing ball by Deborah Kelly

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Ill. by Georgia Perry. Random House Australia Children's, 2013. ISBN: 9780857980045.
Highly recommended for Prep to Year 2/3 children. What an absolutely super first picture book offering from Deborah Kelly! Miss Small and I shared this a couple of weeks ago and both just loved it. When a small boy finds a ball and bounces it on its way, the story is off and most definitely bouncing . . . along, against, between, down and more, until . . . the ball bounces away and another child finds it, and off we go again.  The lovely circular pattern is just right for young readers and we very much enjoyed the speculation of the next possible adventure at the end of the book.
Georgia Perry's vibrant illustrations add to the immense sense of real fun about this book.
Teachers will love the opportunity this book presents to explore prepositions - instead of playing Where is the Mouse? a great game of Where is the Ball? might well be on the cards!
This one is staying firmly on Gran's shelves for repeated readings.
Listen to Deborah Kelly talking about the book here.
Sue Warren