Ava adds by Ursula Dubosarsky

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Lothian, 2013. ISBN 9780734414007.
Violet vanishes ISBN 9780734413970.
Rory rides ISBN 9780734413994.
Ethan eats ISBN 9780734413987.
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Early reader, Childhood. Designed and written exclusively for the newly emerging reader, the bold colours, strong covers and short chapter stories will have an instant appeal. With about 650 words in each story, each story is divided into a manageable three pages for each chapter, using illustrations and colours to add to the attraction of each page.
Ava adds shows Ava and her friend, Billy playing together one day. They decide to set up a shop and in buying and selling the things offered must make some money to use to shop, and so add up the bills. In four chapters we have children playing together, making something with which to play and resolving the problem of Billy's misunderstanding.
In Ethan eats, he has the problem of loving food, and eating everything which is put before him, except for peas. In four chapters, the problem is resolved, but not before the family is shown sitting together at a table to eat, and working together on Ethan's problem.
Violet vanishes shows Violet a young girl who loves magic tricks, but when Mum takes her to see a real magician, it is Violet who vanishes, rather than the pineapple held in the magician's hand. Again, a neatly resolved story based around a family doing things together.
Rory rides shows Rory's Dad helping Rory to learn to ride a bike. At first he must use trainer wheels, and these Dad attaches to the bike. But when one wheel falls off, it is his cousin who suggests a solution.
Each of the stories is based on identifiable situations, with families working together to solve a problem, and written with words which will add to the students' vocabulary.
Fran Knight