Fiction Themes K-7 Vol. 2 by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2013. ISBN: 9781876678364.
Recommended. Both prolific readers with a passion for high quality children's literature, Fran and Pat have created another 'must have' for every library, time poor teacher and librarian. Their annotated bibliographies have been created with us in mind. Librarians are regularly approached to offer insights into the titles in the collection. Sadly, because they don't in fact spend their whole days quietly reading at their desks, despite popular belief, very few would have read a high proportion of their collections or be able to immediately reel off numerous titles on a theme. Therefore, thanks to Fran and Pat (who probably bear in mind the recommendations of other reviewers for ReadPlus as well) the collection of titles listed in this book is one which we can trust as we make the selections of texts for our libraries and gather bulk loans for classroom teachers or for display purposes.
The themes in this title are listed alphabetically and cover various areas found in the Australian Curriculum such as History of the world and Australia, as well as popular themes which children are always asking for. They cover a broad cross section from Aboriginal peoples to specific titles best suited to boys or girls as well as themes such as dinosaurs, fantasy, ghosts, refugees and war. Each section is then broken down into picture books and titles for middle primary and upper primary. Generally, titles are those which have been published in recent years plus some deemed more to fit the 'classic' category.
Having had this title and Literature to support General Capabilities to review for some months, I admit to having been slow to do so, not because they have been ignored but instead because they have been at school where they have already proved themselves to be invaluable resources!
Jo Schenkel