Literature to support general capabilities by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2013. ISBN 9781876678395.
(Teacher reference) Highly recommended. Another amazing, complete and exciting compendium of novels. How exciting for a teacher-librarian and teacher to find exactly what is wanted for a particular strand in the very busy and time short teacher's life. To have books of known quality and time tested to books in the very current time is quite magical and so practical.  It should be in every classroom and library to support the curriculum. If only it was available in earlier times! The book has quality and appropriate literature from known and loved novels to new and respected titles. Areas covered include: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability including: self awareness, self management, social awareness, social management, ethical understanding and Intercultural understanding.  There is a long and detailed Index.
It's a striking and amazing compendium.
Sue Nosworthy