Fortunately, the milk... by Neil Gaiman

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Ill. by Chris Riddell. Bloomsbury, 2013. ISBN 9781408841761.
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. The award winning duo of Gaiman and Riddell are back with a funny book that will be gobbled up by fans. When mum goes away on a business trip Dad's left in charge of the two children. Her last instruction to Dad is 'Don't forget the milk', but unfortunately that's just what he does and there is no milk for the children's cereal or for his tea. When he returns from a lengthy sojourn to buy the milk he comes up with a wild tale of why it has taken him so very long to get back home.
This is a very humorous story that features a time-travelling dinosaur, Professor Steg, Priscilla Queen of the Pirates, Splod the god of people with short, funny names, sparkly ponies and wumpires. Dad romps from one wild adventure to another, with his two children making the occasional interjection. As you can imagine a combination like this makes for a very funny story and Riddell's illustrations add to the general hilarity. The father bears some resemblance to Neil Gaiman himself and other characters especially 'Pale and interesting Edvard' and 'Tvilight Tina' take on book and movie characters which will delight adults and older readers. Younger readers or those who listen to it will also have lots of fun, trying to imagine just what Dad will come up with next.
This would make a great read aloud for younger children and will be a keeper for all those of us who are avid fans of Gaiman and Riddell.
Pat Pledger