What do werewolves do when it's not Halloween by Heath McKenzie

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Scholastic, 2013. ISBN 9781742838793
(Age: 6+) Picture book. Halloween. Werewolves. Humour. November the first is not a day to be looked forward to by all the ghosts, ghouls and monsters that had a field day the night before. They must now find something else to do for the next twelve months, and this funny book with its entertaining illustrations, will keep the audience amused until the end.
In waiting for the next Halloween, the skeletons do nothing at all, prefering to keep quite still, the mummies renew their bandages, the witches gather around the cauldron making new spells, the vampires take out their teeth and have a well earned sleep. Each monster has a double page spread dedicated to its year long activities, pages that will entreat the younger reader with its rhyming sentences, fun illustrations and text. A huge range of monsters is given throughout the book, enabling children to discuss the range of monsters, talk about their appearance at Halloween and perhaps other books where they appear. For Australian readers, the book will answer some questions about Halloween, a celebration from USA which appears to be gaining more credibility here.
And the little twist at the end will appeal, as readers look at faces just like theirs staring back at them.
Fran Knight