A Transylvanian Tale by Deborah Abela

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Ghost Club 3. Random House 2013. pbk., 210pp., RRP $A15.95. ISBN 9781742758534 (print). ISBN 9781742758541 (ebook)
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At 11 years old, twins Edgar and Angeline are the two youngest members of the Ghost Club, established 150 years ago, whose mission is to take care of ghosts, poltergeists and ghouls and whatever other eerie creature might disturb your sleep.In this, the third in this fabulous series by Maurice Saxby Award winner, Deborah Abela, they are joined by Dylan and, with their parents who are also members of the club attend the annual Ghost Club Convention in
Transylvania. At the convention, Angeline meets Ripley Granger, her hero, and is so star-struck that she doesn't notice that there is something amiss. It takes Dylan, the most inexperienced member to work things out.
Given the resurgence in interest in ghosts and supernatural beings, this is the perfect series for younger readers who are not yet ready for the titles written for their older siblings. It's light, funny and yet has all the elements of intrigue and mystery that delving into the supernatural demands.
There's an intriguing trailer which will entice and teachers' notes for the first in the series The New Kid.
Read these if you want to find out more about the background for the series - it is clearly well-planned and demonstrates the author's affinity with and ability to appeal to this age group.
This is a series which is going to be in hot demand from primary-aged independent readers - it has all the ingredients that they are clamouring for right now - with the added advantage of being very well written, with such engaging characters that the reader will assume the role of one of them and become engrossed in the adventures. Definitely deserves a place in your must-reads display, and add to the mystique by using fishing line to suspend some ghosts made from white balloons and white shrouds to float above!
Barbara Braxton