What's the Matter, Aunty May? by Peter Friend and Andrew Joyner

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Little Hare, 2012. hbk, RRP $A24.95. ISBN 9781921714535.
'I have some questions, Aunty May.
Why did you shout at me today?
And why were you a little gruff?
Why did you scream, 'Enough! Enough!'
This is the hilarious story of what really happens when your wish about getting the kids to help with the housework comes true. It could, perhaps, be labelled as a 'precautionary tale', but is definitely an example of 'Be careful what you wish for!' It is NOT the story of a group of out-of-control ruffians - indeed it is the opposite with our hero dressed in very dapper fashion, perched on as tool drinking tea as only the most well-bred English child might do - but it is a tale of destruction that brings the saying 'bull in a china shop' to mind.
Written in rhyming text and accompanied by superb illustrations that convey the action and atmosphere perfectly, and tell a quite different story to the text - this is a great read-aloud for little ones. But, beware, it just may give them the perfect excuse for NEVER helping with the housework - EVER!
A great entertainment, but also a wonderful way to explore how humour can be conveyed in a book where there are no jokes - he is perfectly serious with his questions - and no canned laughter.
Barbara Braxton