Send Simon Savage: Return of the Black Death by Stephen Measday

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Little Hare, 2012. ISBN 978-1-921541-91-9.
A great science fiction story for upper primary and lower secondary students. Recommended. Simon Savage returns to deal with an outbreak of the Black Plague in a second exciting time travel novel. Someone is importing the disease from the 14th century and it is up to Simon to help discover who's spreading the plague and why.
Simon Savage is one of the few Temponauts, young time travellers, who can confront a sinister plot that could kill millions.
Adding to the excitement is the continuation of Simon's struggles to unravel the mystery of his family's disappearance to another time (see the review for book 1 Send Simon Savage) and the overarching fear that maybe his father is somehow involved in the Black Death crisis.
The Black Death is a horrific topic in itself and the morbid combination of a gruesome disease, rats and time travel is an exciting and compelling read. The unsolved mysteries of his own family keep Simon and the reader questioning his father's motives.
Jane Moore