Daddies by Catriona Hoy and Mal Webster

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Hachette Livre (Lothian Children's Books), 2008
(Age 3+) Recommended. This is a humourous look at fathers and what they do. Everyone in the family thinks they know what daddies are for. Mum thinks they're for washing dishes, grandma thinks they are for putting in light bulbs and Charlotte thinks they are for brushing hair, but Daddies are for WILD THINGS. They chase and scare, throw mud and walk the plank.

This is a delightful book with wonderful illustrations that celebrates the joy that fathers can bring into their children's lives. The pudgy, happy father is full of fun and love and the children have a fantastic time playing with him.

This would be great to read aloud and children would enjoy thinking of other ways that dads can be wild.
Pat Pledger