The emperor's new clothes horse by Tony Wilson

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Ill. by Sue deGenero, Scholastic, 2012. ISBN 9781742830452.
(Ages: 5+) Warmly recommended. Picture book. A whimsical take of the old cautionary tale, The Emperor's new clothes, this wonderful picture book offers an entertainingly funny book to read aloud to a class or child. The enticing layout with the words in a column on each side of the page with a large illustration across the double page spread, makes it child friendly as they turn each page knowing where to look.
The story has an emperor with everything but wanting desperately to win the one last cup to adorn his shelves. Searchers are sent out to find a horse which will win this cup for him, and the horse that arrives is not what is expected. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as with the Emperor's new clothes, no-one has the courage to tell him what it really is.
Great fun, with delightful illustrations, this book will be a hit with younger students and could well be compared with the original tale. Each page has different things to seek out for the quick eyed reader, and there is fun to be had for the adult following the money.
Fran Knight