Liberator by Richard Harland

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Allen and Unwin, 2011. ISBN 9781742373423.
(Ages 10+) It has been three months since the liberation and the Worldshaker is now called Liberator. But every thing has gone wrong, the Filthies no longer trust the Upper Decks people, now know as Swanks. It's all because of the saboteur, and he has struck again, but this time he killed a filthy. Any trust the majority of Filthies had for the Swanks has gone, Riff and Col's dream of an age of harmony and co-operation between Filthies and Swanks has become almost hopeless since the saboteur first struck and Riff has almost completely been ignoring Col. As if that wasn't enough problems, the Liberator is now running out of coal and when they go to get more they make a fatal mistake. The mistake cost them the chance to get more coal without fighting. Now the race is on, to get as much coal as they need and get out, before the other juggernauts get there.
Although this is a good book it wasn't as good as the first and I personally didn't like it very much. It had parts where I wanted to throw it across the room and parts where I had to know what happened next. In a way reading this book was like being on a roller-coaster that couldn't decide if it wanted you to love it or hate it.
Tahlia Kennewell (Student)