Spaced out by Moya Simons

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Walker Books, 2011. ISBN 9781921529917.
Spaced out is a shorter novel with easy to read text. Boys aged 9+ will enjoy it but I am sure any child who likes space will enjoy it too. It is an individual story among a series of books under the heading of Lightning Strikes and with titles such as 'Freaky', 'Egghead' and 'Haunted', they will have reluctant readers busy.
What boy wouldn't want to go into space with his Dad? In Spaced Out, our main character, Jesse, can't believe it when his Dad makes the offer! This futuristic space story is set on the planet Centuria where Jesse and his Dad spend a week. Jesse is hanging out for a spending spree and with a pocket full of credits, anything is possible! Readers will enjoy some of the insights into the far out technology and the possibilities of space travel.
The author, Moya Simons, has kept the feel of the story light but with the promise of adventure as Jesse seems to be attracted to mischief. In this case, he buys a robot boy called Michael and the adventure begins. Can Jesse show his dad how responsible he can be? Can he save Michael from being a slave?
Kylie Kempster