Sudden death by Nick Hale

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Striker series. Egmont, 2010. ISBN 9781405249508.
(Age 13+) Jake Bastin is the son of a soccer legend called Steve Bastin. Steve retired from soccer when he tore tendons in his leg. He became a coach and he travelled all over the world with his teams. Jake's parents wanted Jake to stay in one city, so he stayed with his mother after his parents divorced. But when Jake finally goes to London to live with his father, Steve is offered a position as the coach of a soccer team owned by a shady Russian oil billionaire. Steve doesn't want to take Jake to Russia, especially after the talent scout that offered him the job died under suspicious circumstances right in front of his eyes. Jake managed to convince his father to bring him with to Russia even though his Steve thinks it is far too dangerous. This is proved when the pilots of the private plane are both shot and all seems to be lost.
This is a well written book, and I really enjoy action/mystery stories, but not soccer. Even if you don't like soccer, the book doesn't have that much soccer in it, you could even imagine it with a different sport. I recommend this book to people who enjoy a bit of mystery and action.
Gareth Peer(Student)