Tell me a dragon by Jackie Morris

cover image

Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2010. ISBN 9781845075347.
Jackie Morris writes on her website , ' One day someone asked me, if I had a dragon, what would it be like. I realized that almost every day it would be different. Some days I would like a big dragon to fight battles for me, sometimes a small dragon to curl around my ear and tell me stories'.
With few words and lyrical illustrations, Morris has built up a gallery of the most wonderful dragons in every size and shape. They range from tiny little dragons, resembling dragonflies that can be found in a garden, to a fierce brown urban dragon, ready to take on the dangers of the city. Each dragon has its own mystical, unique character. Often ridden by equally fabulous people, and drawn in beautiful watercolours, the dragons soar across the sky, race dolphins in the sea and stride across land. One even guards the door while a young child sleeps.
The artwork is superb and an examination of each picture stimulates the imagination and leads the reader off to wondrous worlds of the mind. The concluding double page spread gathers all the dragons together and asks readers to tell about their dragons. This challenge is sure to be taken up by readers and could lead to some stimulating discussion, writing and drawing of their own.
This exquisite book is on the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal longlist, 2011.
Pat Pledger