Forever fairies by Karen Dunsmore

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Illus. by Grace Chen. Little Steps Publishing, 2020. ISBN: 9781925839678.
Forever fairies is a delightful and magical tale of twins Luke and Leandra who live with their grandparents. They love to explore the garden, studying the natural environment and share an interest in the world of fairies.
To their surprise when exploring in the garden, they discover a baby fairy with curled wings among the leafy branches. They make the decision to secretly care for her and try to reunite her with her family. Magical things began to happen as the twins learn just what the fairy needs to survive. Along the way the twins also find clues to the mysterious disappearance of their grandfather. Has he been caught up in the fairy magic?
Filled with fairy wisdom and lore, the author has created a fun magical story, focusing on the twins caring relationship with Little Fairy. The colourful illustrations add a sense of whimsy to this charming book.
Rhyllis Bignell