Sleep 101: How to sleep like a baby by Beck & Matt Stanton

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Self-Help for Babies book 1. ABC Books, 2020. ISBN: 9780733341151.
(Age: All) Recommended. Filled with delightful illustrations and instructions of where a baby should or could sleep, this little book is a lot of fun and reassurance for parents or grandparents about getting a baby to sleep. It is also suitable to read to a small baby.
The authors combine their skill in making people laugh and drawing wonderful evocative little pictures, starting with the message 'Babies need sleep' with a picture showing a cot with the instructions, 'You sleep here'. The book then proceeds with pictures and very short sentences showing the places that a baby doesn't sleep: a bouncer, a stroller, a car, a backpack and finally the parent's bed. It then goes on to describe the same places for the desperate parent to try if the baby won't go to sleep in the cot.
The black and white line drawings against a blue or green background are hilarious and I especially identified with the grinning baby sitting on the parent's bed and the final picture of a contented baby breastfeeding.
Every parent will have gone through the process of trying to get a baby to go to sleep and will recognise the situations and instructions in this little book, knowing that they are not alone in the trials of getting a baby to sleep. Siblings will also have fun reading it aloud.
Pat Pledger