The world's worst parents by David Williams

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Illus. by Tony Ross. HarperCollins, 2020. ISBN: 9780008430306.
(Age: 6-10) Highly recommended. The plot of this book is all about introducing you to terrible parents who are either embarrassing or mean to their children.
My favourite character is: Terry Tech, because when he sees queues, even queues of only one person, which isn't really a queue until you join it, it is so funny.
My opinion/rating out of 5: I'd say 5/5.
I liked this book because: The parents are sooo funny.
My favourite part of the book was: When Miss Tutelage kicked Mr. Slab into the air and he landed in the bin.
I would recommend this book to: anyone between 6-10.
Adella, aged 8 years