Knowledge Encyclopaedia: Ocean! by DK

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DK., 2020. ISBN: 9780241412886.
(Age: 7+) Highly recommended. Knowledge Encyclopaedia: Ocean! is a really great resource for students to have access to, as it covers a variety of topics surrounding oceans. It is split into 7 sections encompassing Ocean science (How oceans are formed, ocean life evolution and tides), Open ocean (food chains, jellyfish and the various ocean zones), Shallow seas (animals from the sunlit areas), Seashores (turtles, rockpools and seabirds), Polar oceans (all things ice related), Oceans and us (human impacts) and Ocean maps.
All of these sections are filled to the brim with excellent information that can be read or accessed by children aged from approximately 7 years old. There are lots of diagrams and charts which explain various concepts such as tropical cyclones, salt marshes, and how a fish farm works (an underwater view). Each of these (and all images) are well labelled and split into smaller sections so that that the reader knows which part that information is specific to but also, so they do not get too overwhelmed by the text.
I really think that this book would be a huge benefit to any library, but also to any animal or ocean loving child as it really is just filled with information. My 10-year-old (who has a long history of loving animals) thought that this book was amazing. He had it next to his bed for a week and read it every night in bed. He would come out and tell us all the cool facts he learnt and has now begun trying to remember all the interesting words and their meanings from the glossary.
This is also a great non-fiction book for students to use and practice their skills using a contents page, glossary, and index.
I give this book 5 out of 5 - another winner in the DK range.
Lauren Fountain