Bunnygirl: the first adventure by Holly Jayne

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Berbay Publishing, 2020. ISBN: 9780648785118.
(Age: 5+) This is the first adventure of Bunnygirl by debut author and illustrator Holly Jayne. Bea is a young girl who enjoys being kind and helping others. She and her best friend Woofs the dog always try to find caring things to do but Bea feels she needs a super hero costume to be a super friend. She tries all sorts of outfits but nothing just feels quite right. Bea and Woofs rescue an injured and lost bunny and take care of it. They then try to find the bunny's home in the dark woods and encounter a river but clever Woofs helps Bea solve the problem. While Woofs does not talk he always seems to know what Bea needs. They eventually find the bunny's family and friends and the animals are so grateful to Bea for helping the lost bunny return home that they leave a surprise on her doorstep. Finally Bea will have her wish for a super hero costume granted.
Bunnygirl is a perfect introduction for young emergent readers to the graphic presentation format with clearly illustrated panels providing simple text and images to engage the reader. This would be an excellent book to be shared between an older reader and younger child with directions for reading the panels very important in understanding the story. Themes: Friendship, Super Hero, Kindness, Animals.
Kathryn Beilby