The Lost City by Amanda Hocking

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Pan Macmillan, 2020, ISBN: 9781529001303.
(Ages: 12+) In this Urban Fantasy where Trolls walk amongst us, Ulla, abandoned as an infant, is desperate to know more about herself and her heritage. After spending her youth in the care of the inn owners where she was left as a baby, and her teen years as a nanny to a family with six children, Ulla embarks on an internship at Mimirin located in Merella (the capital city for Trolls hidden from humans). On the way, she discovers a stowaway - the eldest daughter of the family she nanny's for! Having travelled too far to return Hanna home and arrive to Merella in time to start her internship, Ulla has no choice but to travel on with Hanna. Upon arrival in Merella, Ulla attempts to navigate the intricate political nuances that thrive in the capital. Meeting Panuk at her internship, she learns more about the prejudice that she, Pan and other TOMBs experience - that is, Trolls of mixed blood. Adventure in the form of a lost and often confused young Troll, Eliana, adds a new level to the story, while creating more depth to each of the characters.
Similar to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson series, The Lost City is about a magical/mythical Earth where Trolls walk amongst us. The start of a new series, this book is mainly political, setting up the histories and traits of the various Troll tribes, and setting up the next book. The story starts slowly, but is eventually well paced and very descriptively written, with a variety of characters, including the mysterious Eliana. Throughout the story, food plays a significant role, while readers are introduced to intricate Troll history. Located at the end of the book is both a glossary and a tribe guide.
Themes: Prejudice, self discovery, mystery, folklore/myths and legends.
Melanie Phillips