The odd 1s out the first sequel by James Rallison

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Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781760973377.
Highly recommended. The Odd 1s out: The first sequel is the second funny book in the Odd 1s out series by James Rallison. It is a story that has many funny anecdotes about his life in Arizona and is (in his own words) "full of pointless advice".
Before giving it Master 10 to read, I sat down for a look and really enjoyed it. James Rallison is a great writer within the humour/comic genre and as I got through the book, I found myself smiling, chuckling, and wanting to keep reading! I loved that although it is a humorous retelling of parts of his life, James adds in interesting (albeit pointless) information about toads and types of cacti, plus attempts to make light of things such as fears and dislikes all in the name of individuality. One of the main takeaways I got was that he was showing all the wired and wonderful parts of his life, and how the most important thing is to just be you, to change your mind if you want to and to be unique. Who would have thought that a YouTuber would be able to write such a funny book full of life lessons!
Lauren Fountain
This book was very funny. I loved every part of it and thought it was funny that he put in a section about Australia and it was upside down in the book! I agree with him that Vegemite is the key ingredient in Asphalt-YUK!
I really liked the cartoons, especially how he draws his dog Georgie and cat Poppy. I like drawing too so used his drawing to practise my cartoon animals.
I loved this book so much that I now really want to go and read the first book, watch his YouTube channel and look on his website. It is that good. 5 out of 5 from me.
Aston (10 years old)