Her Perilous Mansion by Sean Williams

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Allen & Unwin, 2020. ISBN: 9781760877361. pbk., 336 pp.
(Age: Middle school+) Sean Williams brings us his new stand-alone middle grade fantasy novel.
Her Perilous Mansion is a wonderfully written story about two children that find themselves working in some strange mansion miles from anywhere. Almanac is an orphan boy and Elta is the youngest of 12 daughters. They both have been invited to the mansion and work side by side in the largely deserted rooms. They never meet the inhabitants of the mansion but do talk to them through the walls, doors and chimneys. They soon realise that this is not an ordinary mansion and they are trapped there and quickly realise they have to solve a puzzle to leave.
I enjoyed reading this fun filled story of mystery, magic and fantasy. I wanted to learn more about the characters and their background that were living within the mansion and how they got there and why could they not show themselves.
I liked the way Sean has set the novel which kept you reading and solving the pieces of the puzzle to break the spell upon the mansion. He does know how to keep a reader reading.
Middle grade who enjoy fantasy with adventure will enjoy reading Her Perilous Mansion while trying to uncover the secrets the mansion holds.
Maria Komninos