Peppa Pig: I Love You, Daddy Pig

cover image

Peppa Pig. Ladybird, 2019. ISBN: 9780241371572. 32pp.
(Ages: 2 - 6) Recommended for lovers of Peppa Pig. Fans of the TV series are in for a treat as Peppa and George have lots of fun with Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig makes everything into an exciting adventure for the young pigs. When they go to the supermarket, he rolls the tins down his arm and into the trolley and fills it right up to the top. Lunch with Granny and Grandpa Pig turns into a Pirate lunch and Miss Rabbit takes them off in her helicopter to Daddy's work. There they sit in a big truck pouring concrete all over the playground and then they go off to the fair and fill in holes. What a fun day for everyone.
This is a lovely book to read aloud. Not many daddies could fly their children to work in a helicopter! Children will enjoy discussing what jobs their fathers do and contrasting them with the day out that Peppa and George had with their daddy.
As always with the Peppa Pig books, the bright colours and beautiful expressions on the faces of the pigs will keep readers involved, and toddlers will love the blue sparkly cover. Emerging readers will be happy to try and read about the familiar characters in the book, and the text, supported by the drawings, will aid their endeavours.
Full of enjoyment and illustrations of love, this will be a perfect book to read aloud on Father's Day.
Pat Pledger