The Paris secret by Natasha Lester

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Hachette Australia, 2020. ISBN: 9780733641886. pbk., 450pp.
(Age: Secondary) Historical fiction at its best that will set you flying high above the clouds. Australian author, Natasha Lester brings us her new novel about three women who are bound forever by war. Lester's blending from fact to fiction is perfect in The Paris secret. I can just imagine how much research she did to make it this story feel real, making me feel as if I am there in the story.
The Paris secret is set in the 1930s, 1940s and present day Australia. It's a story about fashion, aviation, spies, romance, lost love, friendship that lasts a lifetime and war. We follow the story of Kat Jordan discovering secrets her grandma has kept for the last 65 years. We discover her role during the war and about the lengths people go to protect one another. Skye Penrose and her sister Liberty have an amazing story alongside Skye's soulmate Nicholas Crawford who is engaged to Margaux Jourdan.
Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres especially about women and how they survive in a man's world. I loved reading about the struggles of women pilots in the war, as men then didn't believe women had the intelligence and strength to fly planes. Well this story shows us otherwise and the role that some females played. We learn a bit about the Air Transport Auxiliary and how women were treated in concentration camps. I am not a fashion person but learnt quite a bit about fashion designer Christian Dior and his sister Catherine. I would really love to see the blue dress.
As an educational book, I think this is a great read for readers to learn about the struggles of single mums and female pilots and female spies with their struggles and what they achieved during the war.
Maria Komninos