My Dad is . . . by Ed Allen

cover image

Illus. by James Hart. Scholastic, 2020. ISBN: 9781743836699. 24pp.
(Age: 4+) Recommended. With the approach of Father's Day, comes a few books with Dad as the main theme. In this tactile presentation from Scholastic comes a hands on book, one with a cover which incorporates a barometer of the things Dads are known for. With a spinner that can be swung around onto points describing the Dad in question, 'the loudest farter', 'the BBQ master', 'a bad joke maker', kids will love swinging the needle around to point out what their Dad is good at.
The plastic cover over the barometer will keep the needle and the pointers safe from small hands, and the strong fold out front page will further enhance its longevity.
Opening the book comes the introductory line, 'My dad is a man of many talents', and each page shows him in a different guise, be it a story teller, a master chef, a man with the strongest grip ever, a Dad who takes the children on adventures but also makes the loudest farts which can clear the room, snores louder than a hippo with a blocked nose and one who tells the most awful jokes. But this mix of the good and the bad adds up to only one thing, Dad is his best friend.
A charming look at what makes up a dad, this will get laughs of recognition and sympathy as kids share what their fathers do.
Hart's bold colourful illustrations support the story well, giving readers the opportunity to compare their family with the one illustrated.
Fran Knight