We're going on a treasure hunt by Martha Mumford

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Illus. by Laura Hughes. Bloomsbury, 2020. ISBN: 9781408893395.
(Age: 1+) Recommended. Lots of fun can be had as four bunnies go off on an exciting quest to find ten gold coins and a treasure chest. Children will enjoy following the cute rabbits, all dressed as pirates, as they prance along avoiding obstacles and uncovering gold coins one by one.
The repetition of the refrain on every second double page spread ensures that children will be able to join in as they hear it again and again:
We're going on a treasure hunt.
Yo! Ho! Ho!
Help us find the golden coins . .
Off we go!
Even very small children will enjoy the rhythm and repetition and will love to see the cute little animals and birds on the way. Older children will find the repetition of every second double page will be a great help when they are just beginning to read and the story is sure to be one that children who want to start to read aloud will pick up. Sounds made as the cute little rabbits chase the coins add to enjoyment of the narrative: Watch out for the Crabs . . . Snip, snap, snip! and the parrots, squawk, squawk, screech.
The lift the flaps are quite sturdy and reveal a gold coin with the number written on it. This will enable older children to enjoy counting from one to ten. Other lift the flaps reveal animals and even a very hungry shark to delight all and bring smiles to faces.
Laura Hughes illustrations are very engaging. The rabbits are so cute, dressed in pirate hats, bandanas and eye patches and the bright colours of the beach, sea and vegetation are gorgeous.
This is perfect to read aloud for younger children and one that older children can use to practise their reading as was the previous book, We're going on an elf chase, which followed a similar format. It is sure to be a keeper.
Pat Pledger