In my dreams by Stef Gemmill and Tanja Stephani

cover image

New Frontier, 2020. ISBN: 9781925594928.
(Age: 6-7) Highly recommended. From the moment I laid eyes on the book In my dreams by Stef Gemmill and Tanja Stephani I was excited to read it. You are greeted with the most wonderous cover that has bright colours, hints of gold sparkles, funny creatures, and a whimsical feeling. I could not wait to open it.
I was not disappointed! This story is about the wonderful places that a dream can take you, how you can find fruit flavoured rainbows, race against pirates, fly on a dragon's back, and seek shelter in an igloo. Each page takes you to another magical, interesting place where you are drawn into the illustration looking at the characters' faces and imagining the dreams that could be conjured up from these very pages.
The same characters are seen throughout the book which adds some continuity and something to search for - and I especially love the little puppy who is often having the most amazing time running with sled dogs or riding on a dragon.
At the end there is a couple of pages about how the darkness and shadows can be a scary place for some children. The books states "They have no power over me. I can blink my eyes and they're gone" which is a great little message for many children and hopefully another strategy to add to their collection on particularly dark nights.
Overall, I absolutely love this book and think it would be such a great addition to any young child's library. I think it would be suitable for children up to 6-7 years of age, but as I really enjoyed it too I feel that children of all ages would probably be able to find something they could relate to within it. Teacher's notes are available. 5 out of 5!
Lauren Fountain