Tashi by Anna Fienberg and Barbara Fienberg

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Illus. by Kim Gamble. 25th Anniversary Edition. Allen & Unwin, 2020. ISBN: 9781760525446.
(Age: 5-9) Since the first Tashi book was published in 1995, the series has sold over one million copies around the world. This special edition of the original Tashi book celebrates Tashi's 25th anniversary, and includes Tashi and the Silver Cup, and Kidnapped! from Tashi's Storybook. There are four stories included here: Tashi and the Silver Cup, Tashi, Dragon Breath and Kidnapped! Tashi and the Silver Cup details Tashi's birth and first birthday in the old country and introduces us to his family. The original stories Tashi and Dragon Breath tell of how Tashi came to Jack's world, was nearly taken back by a War Lord and how he tricked the last dragon of all. Kidnapped! is about the time Tashi's uncle sold him to General Zeng. These illustrated stories provide a nice introduction to Tashi and Jack but the four stories don't flow on to one another particularly well. In fact, young readers may become confused because of the unclear timeline. Perhaps as an introduction to Tashi the original books may be preferable. Regardless Tashi is a great fantasy adventure series for newly independent readers or for reading aloud to children that still has a valid place on every library shelf. What keeps these stories so enchanting is that good and evil are not portrayed as black and white; there are good people who do horrible things (his parents sell him), family members who are despicable but still part of the family and Tashi just takes it all in his stride. Tashi's out of this world adventures are sure to enchant a new generation of fans. Themes: Fantasy.
Nicole Nelson