Cinders and Sparks series by Lindsey Kelk

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Illus. by Pippa Curnick. HarperCollins, 2019-2020
Magic at midnight. ISBN: 9780008292119.
Fairies in the forest. ISBN: 9780008292140.
Goblins and gold. ISBN: 9780008292171.
Cinders lives a boring life with her selfish stepsisters and mean stepmother, doing the chores and tending to their every need, just like her traditional counterpart. While they prefer to stay indoors all day listening to their mother read, Cinders would dearly love to be outside playing and although they can't see the value of that, she is allowed to do so once her chores are completed. But something strange happens while she is outside - her dog Sparks starts talking to her, her wishes start coming true and her fairy godmother, Brian, materialises. (It's been hard to track Cinders down because she is not on social media.)
And so begins a new series for young independent girls who are ready for a solid adventure story but still believe in magic and the characters of their childhood. Easy to read, engaging and funny in parts, familiar characters and an ongoing quest make this a great read but at the same time, it has an underlying message that celebrates diversity and reaffirms that it is OK to be different.
Miss 9 asked for The worst witch series for her birthday six weeks ago, and she is going to be thrilled when she discovers this series in her letterbox as a follow-up because it will be perfect for her. Thoroughly modern, thoroughly entertaining and just right for a winter read.
Barbara Braxton